Young Children’s Community – The Montessori Toddler

The Young Children’s Community – The Montessori Toddler


The Montessori Toddler Community, also known as the Young Children’s Community offers children 18 months –2 ½ years opportunities to explore their own capabilities and to develop independence within a supportive environment. Our Young Children’s community provides a nurturing place for young children to begin their “education for life”.

A Young Children’s environment is a space designed for the developmental needs of this age group – from the size of the furniture, to the activities provided, to the emotional support and guidance given. The classroom is set up very much like a home with distinct areas for food preparation, changing clothes, toileting, group activities, individual activities and quiet moments.

The teacher is a Montessori trained professional, certified for the toddler age group, and accomplished in recognizing and nurturing the specific developmental needs of this unique phase. The ratio for this community is 1:5. The head teacher and assistants provide the love, patience, warmth, and respect necessary for the toddler to feel safe and thrive within this community.

YCC Program

Practical Life

The activities of Practical Life resemble the daily activities that children see in their home. Sweeping, dusting, pouring, cutting vegetables and fruit for snack are just a few of the Practical Life activities. Children learn to care for their environment, themselves and others. Through these activities, children develop motor skills, independence, confidence, self-esteem, social skills and concentration.

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Language and the use of the hand are two things that distinguish humans from other living beings. The aim of the Young Children’s Community’s Language curriculum is to enrich the child’s vocabulary and assist the child to communicate in a coherent and precise manner in order to support the child’s growth and independence. The curriculum includes a variety of songs, stories, poems, finger plays and the like. Life sized objects and photos are also presented to enrich vocabulary.

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Music, Movement and Art

Music is a language in and of itself and remains a pervasive part of school life. Music circles bring a sense of community while enriching a child’s vocabulary and stimulating the child’s senses. Dance and actions accompanying songs aid the development of a child’s equilibrium, coordination and balance.

The classroom is equipped with a variety of materials for art including a chalkboard, easel, gluing activities, and more. Children are free to explore their creativity and further refine their hand movements along the way.

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