Parent Education

Young parents looking at their toddler son inside in a bedroom.

Parent Involvement

Parents and teachers have an important role in the child’s education. Each role is distinct and essential in providing experiences and opportunities from which the child can learn. To support the child’s education, foster this relationship between child, family and school, Odyssey Montessori School encourages parent involvement. Numerous opportunities are available for parents to participate in their child’s experience at school. Participation in parent education events, parent-teacher conferences, classroom observations and social gatherings creates an open channel of communication and understanding. This creates a partnership between parents and teachers who work together effectively to support the child’s development.

Parent Education Evenings

We host a variety of Parent Education Evenings throughout the year. Please take note of the scheduled evenings on the school calendar. Each evening is led by our Montessori Directresses. Informal drop-in events will also be available to parents throughout the school year.

Family Month

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and any family members are invited into the classrooms to share any talents or skills with the children. In the past, family members have planted with the children, led yoga, read stories, written articles, created paintings and collages, and taught choreographed dance routines. We hope to see your family participating soon!

We welcome you to explore our website to get further insight into what Montessori education can offer your child. Please contact us to book a tour and speak with us to learn more about what we can offer your child at Odyssey Montessori School.

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