Our Story

Odyssey’s doors first opened in 2006. In the founding years at the Sorauren location, Odyssey quickly became an environment where children were given the opportunity to reach their potential. Proving true that “it takes a village”, parents and educators worked together to create a thriving environment that resulted in happy children, appreciative parents, and a dedicated staff. The Odyssey community grew strong. For this reason, Odyssey expanded and opened its second location, The Christie Campus, located in midtown Toronto at Christie and Dupont.

Sorauren Campus
136 Sorauren Ave
Christie Campus
256 Christie St.

Today, the Sorauren Campus continues to thrive with three Casa classrooms and one YCC classroom and the Christie Campus with two Casas and one YCC. For more information on the programs offered at both locations, please visit our Program pages.

Odyssey Montessori prides itself in having a strong and supportive community where children have sparked a love for learning. Our staff are trained and dedicated to guiding children to becoming happy and independent, while our classroom environments provide the enriching materials and tools that support each child along their unique and individual paths of development.

Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.
Dr. Maria Montessori
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