Who are we?

Mary Tomazos discovered the benefit of a Montessori Education when her three children attended a Montessori School in Toronto. This led her to study at The Foundation for Montessori Education where she attained her AMI Primary Teaching Diploma, graduating in May 2001.

After teaching for a few years, it became clear to Mary that establishing her own school would enable her to pursue and share her belief and passion in the Montessori Philosophy with families raising young children.

Mary’s goal was for Odyssey Montessori School to be a place for children to start their joyful journey of development and learning. She wanted to create and provide a place for children to develop in a happy, respectful, safe and supportive environment during this delicate and important time in their lives.

And so the journey began.

Odyssey Montessori School opened its doors for the first time in 2006 with one class. The following year Casa 2 was added. With happy children, dedicated teachers and parents that appreciated the quality program and the benefits of a Montessori Education the school soon expanded its capacity of three casa classrooms.  In 2016, we added a Toddler Class to our Sorauren Campus.

Over the years Odyssey Montessori continued to provide a nurturing environment where children, with the incredible abilities that they possess, are given the opportunity to reach their potential. “It takes a village” where parents, and educators work together to create an environment that allows children to thrive.  We look forward to an on-going partnership with our parents. These partnerships, in support of every child, are fundamental and ensure the strength of community that is Odyssey Montessori School. There are far reaching and positive effects on children when parent, staff and administration come together in an atmosphere of trust, understanding and communication.

Odyssey Montessori is an accredited member of the Canadian Council for Montessori Administrators (CCMA).

In November 2014 the Christie campus was opened at Christie and Dupont streets in midtown Toronto. The new campus was built to accommodate two classrooms: the Toddler class on the ground floor and a Casa class on the first floor. The 1400 square foot natural playground was designed to provide an interesting and safe environment for the children to enjoy the outdoors.  Our renovation at the Christie Campus was completed by the fall of 2016. Now we have two Casa Classrooms and one Toddler classroom.


Our Vision Statement (goals and objectives)

OMCASA-1304-600x900-300x205We are committed to providing an enriching environment that supports each child’s unique development. A Montessori Education is not just about teaching arithmetic, reading and writing, it is also about the human spirit and the strengthening of character. It fosters the attitude, “I can do for myself”, “I can think for myself”, “I can create”. It builds confidence, a feeling of competence, cooperation, independence and empathy. We therefore strive to provide more than an academic education; our goal is to provide, “An Education for Life”