The Young Child, Technology, and Development

Posted on 29 Jan 2015
Happy 2015! The December 2014 holiday festivities were a roaring success! Thank you so much to all the parents, families, and friends who made the holiday concert and party such an amazing event. On behalf of all Odyssey Montessori staff, thank you so much for all the kind words, gene


Posted on 16 Dec 2014
Montessori classrooms are dubbed “Children’s Houses” for a reason. Dr. Maria Montessori developed the environment and the materials with a keen eye on the needs of the child. She determined these needs through careful, deliberate observation.

November Updates

Posted on 17 Nov 2014
Thank you so much to all the parents who attended our last Parent Education Evening at the Sorauren campus with guest speaker, Sandra Girlato, Director of Training of the Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto.

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!

Posted on 18 Sep 2014
It has been an absolute delight to meet all of our new families. The returning children have clearly enjoyed, not only the rekindling of old friendships, but also the welcoming of the new children. The returning children have taken pride in showing their new friends how to wash their