Sorauren Campus Halloween Activities: Curriculum Connected Crafts

This year, at our Sorauren Campus, the Casa children took part in Halloween activities over the course of the week leading up to Halloween. It all started with an idea – using a pumpkin and allowing our imaginations to create fall and Halloween related objects and experiences. (Click here to read last year’s October blog post on Imagination)

“Imagination does not become great until man, given the courage and strength, uses it to create.” Maria Montessori, page 21, From Childhood to Adolescence


Day One: It All Started with a Pumpkin – Imagination, Freedom of Choice and Practical Life


Each classroom started with one pumpkin. The children were introduced to the pumpkin’s life cycle through classroom activities and circle discussions. Prior to carving the pumpkin, the children were presented with various options for the jack-o-lanterns’ faces.


Each classroom selected one face to carve into their pumpkins. Photographed below are the final choices for each Casa and the process of carving and scooping out the pumpkin’s seeds and innards!

2016-october-03 2016-october-04

The pumpkin’s seeds were then set aside, washed and dried overnight.


Day Two: Pumpkin Seeds – Colour Mixing, Math and Science

The children are first introduced to the three primary colours in the classroom through the colour tablets in Colour Box 1 from the Sensorial curriculum area.


As the children progress, they are introduced to the relationships between these three primary colours and the secondary colours they create. Photographed below is the colour mixing activity found on the Casa culture shelves.


For the Halloween craft, the children measured ½ cup of water and 1 and ½ tablespoons of vinegar per bowl for dyeing the pumpkin seeds. The children then mixed the three primary colours of food colouring until they achieved the desired colours. The children then divided the total seeds between the various bowls to allow the seeds to soak in each colour. These pumpkin seeds were left to absorb the colours for most of the day and were set out to dry overnight.

2016-october-07 2016-october-08


Day Three: Creating the Pumpkin Seed Trees – Art and Creativity

On the following day, the pumpkin seeds were dried and ready to go for the final step. The children used their creativity and imagination to create trees with various pumpkin seed “leaves.”


From one pumpkin, the Casa children were able to apply practical life skills, numeracy, and science. The concepts were experienced by the children in a concrete, sensorial and physical manner, learning through experience as Montessori so succinctly states:

 “Scientific observation then has established that education is not what the teacher gives; education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment.” Maria Montessori, Education for A New World

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