November Updates

Thank you so much to all the parents who attended our last Parent Education Evening at the Sorauren campus with guest speaker, Sandra Girlato, Director of Training of the Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto.

During the evening, Sandra summarized the three-year cycle:

November 2014 blog photo


At the culmination of the three year cycle, a child has a high degree of responsibility for his or her self and for the class as a whole. The child is prepared academically and socially for a journey of life-long learning.

According to Bryan Ides, one of Canada’s most qualified and experienced admissions experts, the following traits top the list of attributes found in successful candidates in workplaces and academic institutions:

  • Strategic
  • Critical
  • Creative


The three year Montessori cycle brings forth, fosters, and develops all attributes within each individual child.

For all the parents at the Sorauren campus, thank you for visiting your child’s Casa for Open House. Whether your child is merely at the beginning of their joyful 3 year journey or well on their way toward the culminating year, the classroom is theirs to learn from, to care for, to explore, and to enjoy. It truly is their house, their Casa – a Children’s house.


Messages from Christie:

We, at the Christie campus, would like to extend our thanks to those Christie parents who trekked to Sorauren for the parent education evening on Nov. 6th.  We hope all Chrisite parents can attend our upcoming parent education evening on Nov. 27th from 6-7pm.


The Casa children have settled fast and furiously into our new environment!  They are forming fast friendships, with talks of play dates occurring each and every day.  There is already a strong sense of community in which the children find support from their friends, whether it be helping another with their zipper or rushing to grab the dust pan and broom to help sweep up all the rice that made it to the floor while trying to pour from one jug to another.  It’s a joy to see these bonds forming and I’m sure they’ll continue to grow stronger each day.

– Steph


The Toddler program at the Christie campus is off to a smooth start. Our nine new toddlers have settled into a comfortable routine in the environment that was created just for their size and their needs. The children have been working on water colour painting, language objects and cards, learning new songs and manipulating all the new sensory activities in the classroom. The toddlers have certainly made the most of our new natural playground . Carolina, Carmen look forward to a great year ahead.

– Rachel

Marie Hui is the Vice Principal of Odyssey Montessori School. She began her tenure with Odyssey as the student teacher in Casa 1. Marie then went on to lead Casa 2 as the Directress for several years. With a love of children and a passion for Montessori, Marie strives to connect parents to the Montessori philosophy - hoping to bridge some gaps between home and school.