Montessori Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations in Montessori Casa classrooms introduce children to some science and a sense of time and history. Each classroom and school may have subtle variations, but there are three

  1. A class gathering as children sit in a circle
  2. A representation of the sun at the centre of the solar system
  3. The birthday celebrant holding a globe and walking around the “sun” for however many years he or she has been alive


The children gain the impression that the earth rotates around the sun once each year of their life. As the child walks around the circle, the directress discusses milestones or events that occurred in that child’s life at certain points. Some parents opt to send in photos from previous years to share with the class in addition to these stories. A typical circle begins talking about the child as a baby and then an infant, a toddler, until their current age. The directress may weave in personal anecdotes parents have shared or special milestones in the classroom.


The story below is an example of one told by the directress during a child’s celebration:

“She was born on March 20, 2012 to her mom, dad, and older brother. She opened her eyes to a beautiful world and a loving family. She would cry and make sounds as she learned to talk. One year later, she turned one! She’s now walking and learning to run. She’s playing with her brother and parents. She especially loved her first vacation and plane ride! Then, she turned two. She’s speaking in sentences now and learning to use the bathroom. She also started Casa with us! She met all her wonderful friends and enjoyed doing so many new things like the pink tower and boxes and bottles. Now, she’s three!”

The children then sing “Happy Birthday” in both English and French.

This brief introduction to our solar system can branch out into projects for some of the 3rd year and graduate children. Montessori lower elementary delves even deeper to these themes with the “Great Lessons.”

Click here to read more about “Great Lessons” in Montessori Elementary.

As always, please feel free to contact your classroom teacher for any specific questions or elaborations on class-specific celebrations.


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